Kizzle 'The Artist'

A 23-year-old singer/songwriter/rapper/model as well as a creative marketer & promoter for KSI family own record label KSI Spheres.

So let's take a look back on 2014- 2015's Endeavours for the artist: November 2014 the period in which his latest hip hop single 'Brainwaves' Was Shot & Released with car sponsors by A well-known & respected car outlet 'CarALot' & Cameos From his various artist friends Zeke, DxrtyHarry, Gino & Jordan Soul, this track has propelled The Artist into the public eye displaying his star quality since this video Kizzle has had fans following him around town, asking for pictures with himself & also had his very own CD autograph signing in 2015 in his very own music video entitled 'So Real' in which he had scenes of helicopters, rooftops & visually appealing scenery.

As well as kicking off the year with his own VEVO channel the artist has also had internet radio plays out in japan released his single to be digitally available via iTunes, Amazon, Hmv & Many More Outlets Worldwide this artist is setting the pace for his musical piers.

Saying of The Year

After a music meeting with his good Artist friend 'KxngForeman' Kizzle realised that it's time to step the game up. Coming from a saying Foreman had previously been saying he'd been recording "50 Records A Day", Kizzle has now taken on this logic & has implemented it into his work load.

It's not necessarily the number I'm fixated on so don't directly quote the figures, it’s more of a notion & mind-set that you will keep going to 1. Aim for that number & 2. Keep going in the sense that you won't think about how much work you’re doing you just do it & do more
After receiving radio coverage by 'Dean Jackson' Radio Host on BBC Radio Nottingham, Leicester, Lincolnshire & various other stations he has been pushing to get his face on the broadcasting scene with no signs of giving up.

With his studio Day in the life Mini documentary soon to come out the artist has a lot of projecting to do to his listeners & future listeners. The next few moves will be crucial for this artist as he delves in all genres '& it's about releasing the right track for the right audience in the right time period' in his words big things to come from this artist keep a look out on all social networks.


Music Producer, DJ & Fashion Designer

Music Production & DJ

From the age of 11 Abenzi has been involved in acting, community orchestras and choirs.

He acquired his knowledge via music score from the Viola which has allowed his compositions to be taken to the next level. From soundtrack, film score, R&B, House to eclectic acoustics Abenzi loves music and this is radiated via his work to date.

Currently producing for the KSI artists Kizzle Artist & Lady C.

2017 is set to be a fundamental year for his progression within the industry as he has an array of new projects waiting to be unleashed!


Influenced by life experiences Abenzi has managed to formulate his own brand to which has taken the Fashion Industry by storm.

There are 3 lines currently available

  • Pro Sports
  • Streetwear
  • Clubwear

He has a real passion for fashion and always delivers quality at the highest standard.

Early 2017 he will be launching the new Skateboard line, All Aboard & a brand new watch collection.

Abenzi plans to take his Fashion label to commercial retail by late 2017.

Abenzi is a self-driven individual with a positive outlook on life. His energy disseminates through his work and collaborations. Abenzi is definitely one to watch, and you can check out his clothing line at

Lady C

Singer & Performer

My name is Charlene Ebanks aka Lady C, im a singer songwriter pursuing my passion for music with great intentions of making my mark within the industry. It’s been a real hard and long journey. I’ve been singing since I was a toddler in church, as my mother is a Christian and from a Christian background. In the first decade of my life I sang at School performances and mostly just for fun in the playground entertaining my friends. In the 2nd decade of my life in Secondary School, I arranged performances to raise money for charities and for the School. I choreographed the dance routines and sung over the songs by Aaliyah, Blackstreet and Shai with my friends in the front of whole School.

Even at the ages of 12 & 13yrs it was very plain to see that 'B, soul and hip hop were definitely the genres that I warmed to.

When I started writing in my early teens years, I found it difficult to produce more than a verse.. then I started listening to artists like Mary J Blidge, SWV, Mariah Carey and many more for inspiration. In the end of my teens I had written several songs and recorded a couple on to disk and that was definitely a turning point for me as I was able to hear my voice played through audio back home. 'It felt good'.

In 2000 I met through mutual acquaintances Calvin (Soul survivor) and Owen `Remi` singer songwriters and producers of label of Remztare productions. Their music grabbed me a soul 'B phunk style. I feel fortunate to have met up with them as they recognized my true passion for music and my skills in writing a song, with that they pushed me to write an album.

With this EP I began performing in several cities receiving good feedback, also just to witness the reception from the audience was a confidence and energy booster. At that point I knew that music and performing was definitely something that has captured a big piece of my heart!

There was a couple of years break from performing as music became a standstill for me while my life took over, but soon enough I rekindled my music love and started writing and recording tracks with East Mids Productions Producer 'Abenzi'.

My eyes and mind were open to different genres of music, Baseline, Funky House, Dance etc.

In 2010 I signed with the family run Record Label KSI Spheres Ltd. I enjoy all that comes along with being an artist, I feel very at home in the studio and love the camera when posing for photoshoots and videos. I feel I’ve grown, progressed a lot and looking forward to a great fulfilling and prosperous future with KSI Spheres

My inspiration is life, love, my closest family, friends, their support and true belief in me helps to keep me grounded and determined to make my mark in this music industry.

Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly 707 the Resident Journalist for KSI Spheres.

Too keep up with the times, I have decided to ditch a lot of the written updates and provide you with lots of visuals. Most of us love to see and hear what the story is these days.

Some of you may also know me as KizzleArtist's PA. I perform many roles within the company of which I take each Role seriously. One of the enjoyable things about being a Resident Journalist is I get to bring you all the up to date gossip with the artists. See the diaries through my vision, get to know the artists for being real people. Follow them on their journeys through Social Media on all levels. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, there is always some story the artists have to share.

I look forward to ensuring you all receive the monthly episodes of the KSI Diaries from the beginning of KSI Spheres. Look out for special features, cameos, collaborations, a variety of genres through our website, YouTube, various Social Media sites as we spread the KSI Spheres lifestyle. You will learn how our artists keep in shape, stay focused, see where they started and follow them through this journey of life.

I hope you enjoy the Diaries as much as I have bringing them to you.

Being a qualified hairdresser, I am also tasked with the maintenance of Kizzle's hair, ensuring he has many fresh new styles for his shoots, performances and appearances. As he has his hair often cainrowed and plaited, Kizzle can spend many hours sat whilst his hair gets transformed for the lights, camera, action.

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